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Location Information
Montclair Ballroom and Foyer
:  All lectures, reception, registration, poster sessions, Friday night banquet
85 Restaurant: All meals except Friday night banquet
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Preliminary Program

Monday, September 24 (~5.30 PM)
Registration desk opens
3 historical talks

Tuesday, September 25
Session I: Microbial rhodopsins – molecular mechanisms of ion transport and signaling
Session II: Animal rhodopsins – evolution and diversity
Session III: Optogenetics - tools development and applications
followed by Poster talks I and Posters

Wednesday, September 26
Session IV: Microbial rhodopsins – evolution, diversity, and ecology
Session V: Eukaryotic microbial rhodopsins – channelrhodopsins and enzymerhodopsins
Session VI: Novel experimental approaches to rhodopsins and GPCRs
followed by Poster talks II and Posters

Thursday, September 27
Session VII Non-visual functions of rhodopsins
Afternoon: Conference trips - Niagara Falls, Golf, Winery
followed by Posters

Friday, September 28
Session VIII: Computational approaches to rhodopsins and GPCRs
Session IX: Structural approaches to rhodopsins and GPCRs
Session X Visual animal rhodopsins – receptor structure, dynamics, and activation
Session XI Animal rhodopsins – signalling cascade and protein-protein interactions

Saturday, September 29
Session XII Retinal proteins and GPCRs in disease
Session XIII Late breaking news (closing by 1PM)